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CSI Good News
(Church of South India Good News)


Vol. 8 / Issue 9 / April 7 2006

Contents of this issue

Ministry is not a bed of Roses -Part 5
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By Sherly Isaac

I was working in an office after coming to USA. One day I was doing some work sitting in my colleague's computer. She was in the staff meeting that was in progress at next room. One lady came out of the meeting hall and asked me, "Do you know where is the kleenex?" I thought I had heard this name somewhere but just could not recall it. Kleenex... I tried to figure out what it could be? My curious eyes searched on the table of my colleague. I saw a small bottle of correcting fluid. Here it is, I waved that tiny bottle before her face. She stopped her search, stood straight in amazement and stared on my face as if she had just seen a ghost. I realized something was wrong. Without a word she started her search again. When she finally got the box of Tissue papers, I thought, how ignorant I was!!

Today many of our churches have ignored the fact of knowing God and walking with God in holiness. Bible tells us that we must know our creator personally. In 1 John 2:12-14 we read, "I write to you, little children, Because your sins are forgiven you for His name's sake. I write to you, fathers, Because you have known Him who is from the beginning. I write to you, young men, Because you have overcome the wicked one. I write to you, little children, Because you have known the Father. I have written to you, fathers, Because you have known Him who is from the beginning. I have written to you, young men, Because you are strong, and the word of God abides in you, And you have overcome the wicked one."

Apostle John was writing to those who had "known God". In 1 John 2:4 John again writes, "He who says, "I know Him," and does not keep His commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him."

All these verses suggest that a person who knows God is a changed person. Their sins are forgiven, they have overcome the wicked one, they are strong and the word of God abides in them. A few days back I happened to read the UCC General Minister and President The Rev. John H. Thomas' report on his India trip. It is found in http://www.ucc.org/news/record/thomasindia05.htm or Click here I am amazed reading about the deteriorating condition of our pastors, bishops and churches. Here is a quote from that diary; "We ended our evening with dinner hosted by the General Secretary and Bishop Dutta. Beer (for us) and vodka (for the bishops) created a very convivial evening with delightful conversation, jokes, and reflections on church life, interfaith issues, Indian politics, etc. We were particularly interested to hear Bishop Dutta talk about the implications of having the Hindu epic danced at the diocesan event in the afternoon. We wondered whether it might be controversial, and he acknowledged that some eyebrows were undoubtedly raised. But he is intent on making his diocese with its Peace Center a place where cultures and tribes and religious can engage each other in respectful encounter. Staging this dance was a bold statement to this effect."

How ignorant they are about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Apostle John again warns us in 1 John 2:28, "And now, little children, abide in Him, that when He appears, we may have confidence and not be ashamed before Him at His coming." A person cannot abide in Jesus Christ by living in sin.

A few days back one prominent member of a church wrote to my brother, "Give me a little more time. I can make mincemeat out of Vinod and his gang." Sad thing is unless such people repent from their sins they are not going to make it to heaven. In the book of Revelation 2nd chapter Jesus spoke plain and simple to the seven churches that unless they repent from their sins, they will be doomed. Today people in our churches need to repent and turn from their evil ways. There is an eternal life and we need to prepare ourselves to enter into that wonderful life. It is only possible by receiving the forgiveness of our sins by the precious blood of Jesus. Let us examine our lives once again and turn to our creator with true repentance.

Ministry is not a bed of Roses -Part 5

By Sheela Isaac

As I wrote in my previous issue I got the job as HTML programmer. The job contract was for one month but later they increased the contract time. One day my IT (information technology) manager told, "previously few people have worked on these projects and they messed up everything but your work is good." Four months had passed since I joined this company and one day my IT manager told he is going to take me as a permanent employee in the company. Further he said, "he would call the recruiting company and do all the formalities and paper work." After this I began to attend once in a week IT meetings, which was especially for the company's permanent staff. Once in a month they had IT meetings in a hotel with lunch. And I attended all these meetings with IT team. One day IT manager announced in one of such meetings that I am going to join their team soon. I was pretty excited about the permanent position. As usual I really wanted to know the will of God in this matter. So I asked the Lord about it and the Lord said, "take the position IF they are willing to pay you $20.00/hr salary i.e. 40k (40,000$ a year). The 'IF' looked little bad but I was willing to go with the God's option. One day my IT manager called me to discuss about employee benefits, rules ect. He told me that what would be my salary. It did not look that bad but it was not 40k. I told him that I am looking for at least 40k. Then he began to explain me everything that I would get medical insurance, dental insurance, 401k retirement benefits and few vacations and he further said, "he can't give me 40k because of few more reasons and he explained that also." Cutting long story short I was out of the company after six months of my work as HTML programmer.

I came so close to get a permanent position but it all slipped away. It was pretty disappointing for me. I was definitely upset and first week was pretty hard on me. Many times our desires do not fulfill God's purposes. I did not know then, why God wanted me to leave a good position job. When it happened I decided to take rest for one or two months then again begin my new job search. I asked the Lord again what I have to do next. I was pretty confident that God will say to look for another job, but yet another shocker came. The Lord said, "learn computer programming in Perl and JavaScript languages." The last thing I ever wanted to do in my life was learning programming language. I knew programming is pretty hard and I know about many people who joined some institute and learned for one or two years and then quit in the middle. I asked them why? And they replied, "it is too hard to learn." Programming is indeed pretty hard. Till then I always thought about myself as very intelligent person but the thinking changed when I began to learn it. Many times when my brother used to explain me the programming terms I used to plainly stare at him as if I am a real fool. In the beginning I tried to learn it and every time ended up with severe headaches due to stress. I can say, yes programming is pretty hard and I am still wrestling with it. Once I asked the Lord, "why not let me find a job in HTML and side by side I would be learning programming." Then the Lord replied saying, "You are not going to work as HTML programmer any more but you are going to learn programming." It really blew my mind away and I knew that I am stuck with programming thing.

In those days I thought why God wants me to learn programming since it has nothing to do with ministry. I said, "Lord if you had told me something easy I would have done, but why ministry with programming job? I could not understand it for next two three years. As I said earlier in my previous issue God never reveals His total plans at once. But He waits till you are able to grasp it or look trustworthy to move forward. After two years or so one day God revealed His future plan and told us what the ministry would look like after five or ten years from then. Then only I could fully understand that ministry is not going to grow without programming job. Many times to me it looked leaving a secure job as foolishness, but if you hold on to something dear to you that may not allow you to fulfill God's plans. God's plans are far greater than what our little human mind could think or comprehend.

If you are in ministry and are not hearing from God you could miss many valuable things. Once missed things cannot be retained so easily or can never be retained again. Many times missed opportunities turn as totally missed item from the list itself. Once you miss God's plan it would come to completion with delay or it could be lost forever. God's plans are like a long chain with hundreds of small rings linked together. You can imagine if a link is broken from the necklace it would be of no use. You can't wear it until the link is fixed again. The same way if a train track is broken in one place the train cannot run over it. Imagine if you miss many of the promises of God. It could create many broken links and then how can you fix it again and how could you fulfill the very purpose of God.

Let see what happens when work is left unfulfilled because of lack of God's revelations or ignorance.
1. The promises gets delayed
2. The promises could get lost for ever

1. The promises gets delayed:
Look at the life of Moses he was a very devoted prophet. He obeyed God in each and every step. The Bible says he heard from God and was in constant touch with God. He delivered Israelites from the bitter bondage of Egypt and led them to the land of Canaan with milk and honey. Do you know how much time it took them to reach Canaan? Forty years!! The Bible clearly says that Joshua and few others once went to spy this land and retuned after forty days. Num 13:17, "Then Moses sent them to spy out the land of Canaan, ...." Num 13:25, "And they returned from spying out the land after forty days..." Num 13:27, 'Then they told him, and said: "We went to the land where you sent us. It truly flows with milk and honey, and this is its fruit."' So it was only few days of journey by foot not years. Bible says, "it was only eleven days journey.(Deu 1:2)" But what happened to them? How in the world somebody could wander for forty years, which could be reached by days. The Bible says, "the people were stiff necked and rebellious." They were constantly murmuring and rebelling against God's will and His servant Moses. That's why God got pretty angry and He said this generation would not see the promised land. And the Bible says they wandered in wilderness going round and round around the mountain for forty years till the whole generation died.

Here we find many lost the promise of Promised Land and few who reached there also with much delay. If you are not hearing from God what to do and what not to do, how can you say what God has kept for you? Not only that when you will not hear the things and do not do it in right time how can you see your ministry promises getting fulfilled? Not only that but many times we hear from God and still fail to do it in time and it gets delayed and delayed.

2. The promises could get lost forever:
Another possibility is if you are not hearing from God you might be loosing many promises. The second option is even if you are hearing from God but if you are not obeying God in proper way you might be creating many missing links and eventually loosing it. The good example is of Moses again whom God promised to take him to the Promised Land. He worked hard delivered Israelites from Egypt and obeyed God in everything. But one mistake made by him kept him from the Promised Land. The Bible says he could not go to the Promised Land. When Israelites did not have water in the wilderness God said to Moses to strike the rock and the water came out of it. Exo 17:6, '"Behold, I will stand before you there on the rock in Horeb; and you shall strike the rock, and water will come out of it, that the people may drink." And Moses did so in the sight of the elders of Israel.' But the second time God said to him to just speak to the rock. Num 20:2, "Now there was no water for the congregation; so they gathered together against Moses and Aaron." Num 20:8, "Take the rod; you and your brother Aaron gather the congregation together. Speak to the rock before their eyes, and it will yield its water;.." But alas he failed to do so and he smote the rock instead of speaking. Do not know if Moses missed to hear God properly or was pretty angry with people. This mistake cost him Promised Land and he could not go to the Promised Land. Can you imagine how painful it might have been for Moses who worked forty long years to just to put his feet on the Promised Land but it was lost because of one mistake. Num 20:10, "And Moses and Aaron gathered the assembly together before the rock; and he said to them, "Hear now, you rebels! Must we bring water for you out of this rock?" Num 20:11, "Then Moses lifted his hand and struck the rock twice with his rod; and water came out abundantly, and the congregation and their animals drank. Num 20:12, "Then the LORD spoke to Moses and Aaron, "Because you did not believe Me, to hallow Me in the eyes of the children of Israel, therefore you shall not bring this assembly into the land which I have given them." The Bible says Moses could not go to the Promised Land but he could see it from afar and died (Num 27:12 -13). Num 27:13 "And when you have seen it, you also shall be gathered to your people, as Aaron your brother was gathered."

Moses who lived a perfect life and walked diligently before God but one mistake could cost him Promised Land. What about us? Many times people think that living in sin is not that grave. It could not bring any judgment. But look at the life of Moses God did not spare him who was so closer to God. If it could happen to Moses it could happen to you and me. We ministers of the Gospel cannot live carelessly in sin and still think all is going to be well because God is a merciful God. Certainly not! Sin could cost you ministry even eternal life itself. If we are not careful in living a holy and sin free life we can loose many promises and even eternal life forever and ever.

Reader's Mail

Praise the Lord, We are very much happy to read your GOD' VOICES; THANKS FOR YOUR SINCERE SERVICES TO ALL OUR BROTHERS.

I just want to thank you so much for sending me messages for my growth and for the help of the ministry which the Lord has given me. again thank you for the love and care.
Pastor alejandro

Dear Sir/Madam, Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ !!!! I am a regular visitor of your site!!! I really appreciate for your efforts to maintain this site in full spiritual way.. Really it is very very helpful for many people, who wanted to live as a true Christian and who wish to know Jesus Christ.

Through the Valley of Death & other Books

As many of you know that in the year 2005, our dad was very sick even unto death. God miraculously healed him. We have compiled it in a book form. I sure believe that it will inspire you and encourage you greatly.

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Also read these two books by Sherly Isaac "Allah and Elohim - Are they the same God" Available at JasmineCorp Store, and "Is Jesus God?" Available at JasmineCorp Store,

Both books compares the Bible and the Quran and read eye opening facts about Jesus, God of the Bible, Allah and Islamic faith. I am sure that you want to read this.

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