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CSI Good News
(Church of South India Good News)


Vol. 13 / Issue 31 / September 1 2011

Contents of this issue

From Death to Life - Part 4
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By Sherly Isaac

Hurricane Irene - On 28th August as we were watching TV the half of the sphere of hurricane Irene slowly but steadily diminished and disappeared right before our eyes. Meteorologist and scientists were completely amazed and bewildered how it happened. I heard them saying, "something interesting happened and dry air is filling in it" which was unusual as it should have gathered more moisture from sea. All their predictions failed as they previously thought that it would make much havoc in New York where there are high rise buildings. They thought that it would dump water up to 13 feet high and that the whole low level areas of New York would be submerged and high wind will blow the window glasses.

But to their surprise, hurricane Irene weakened as it reached New York and did no damage as it was predicted. What happened to it?

I have copied some of the excerpts from my brother, Vinod Isaac's blog

August 25th evening we gathered together for prayer. Every time when it is birthday of my sister Sheela Isaac, we hear heavy stuff from the Lord. Many times Lord gave promises to my sister that He is going to use her by revealing deep mysteries. Well we expected something powerful but didn't expect to hear anything about Irene. Lord spoke about how Moses parted the red sea. He said how Moses got a deeper revelation and that enabled him to do what he did, same way He is going to open up visions. He is going to give master key about Hurricane Irene.

Now we got all our attention on Irene. 25th evening it was sitting at 115 mph a Category 3 hurricane, on the water ready to gather strength and to go to Category 4 which is more than 131 mph.

On 28th August morning my sister woke up at 4 and prayed again and this time she saw the demon that was causing the hurricane. It looked like a cartoon and was sitting on a chair as a school teacher/master with one leg on the chair and one hand on his chin. Holy Spirit revealed the name of the demon as Tam Tabila. She commanded it to go but instead of going it began to dance and sing Irene, Irene as if it is making a victory celebration. All in the room began to dance. After about 30 min of rebuking it in Jesus name, it stomped it's feet 6-7 times on the floor with anger. Finally it collapsed on the table as if it got unconscious. This was the exact time when Irene was about to hit NY.

We tuned in the TV news and we could see bewilderment in the face of Matt Lauer (NBC), George Stephanopoulos (ABC) etc. They were still expecting things to go worse but instead Irene was dramatically slowing down. Hurricane's eye has already disappeared and they could call it only as center. Reporters in their meter could not pick up wind speed above 60 mph. They were asking why it is still Category 1 if it is below 74 mph. I saw Sam Champion (ABC) saying in astonishment that as soon as Irene is moving past, rain is stopping abruptly. Irene that was expected to rain for hours was not doing as expected. He explained with astonishment that lower half portion of Irene, is missing and that's why rain is stopping. Something has happened and dry air is getting into Irene from south.

Yes, One revelation changed everything and brought hurricane Irene to its knees. What a change! New York was spared from catastrophic disaster! Yes, there is a God who still speaks and shows how we can avert disasters and what is ahead of us.

In the Bible we read that Joseph was in prison and that God revealed to him the interpretation of the dreams of baker and butler. One revelation of God freed him from slavery and from prison and made him to stand before the king. One revelation of God made him the most powerful man next to the king in the whole of Egypt. Every thing changed because Joseph heard from the Lord. Our situations also can change if we hear from the Lord and get revelations of God.

From Death to Life - Part 4

Life Story of Bro. Parminder Puri

By Bro. Parminder Puri

Now when Mr. Vincent asked me , "Son, do you have any Bible?" I said no, but then suddenly I remembered, I told him I have a Christian blue hard cover book. He asked me to get it. I put him on hold and as luck would have it, found it in no time, Praise God! When I told him that the cover of this book says New Testament by Gideon’s. He said "Yes, this is the Bible." He quickly asked me to read certain scriptures to my sister, along with that he shared some other verses I remember are Psalms 41, 91, 23, 35. And then he told me about a weekly fellowship in his home, conducted by Mrs. Jacob. He told us to come and thank Jesus, if we wish to. I remember now when we read those Psalms they seemed to be our life story and written just for us!

Of course as soon as my sister recovered a little, we all went. Little did we realize that it would be the beginning of a new chapter in our lives. I still remember when we saw people praying loudly, singing clapping and shouting praises, we exchanged glances amongst our family to convey a message we would not come here again. Again we felt proud that our way of worship was much better and peaceful.

But God had other plans. One prayer meeting led to another. Soon my sister had a vision in a Baptist church. After that her health improved, she got married, and now she is happily settled, in glorious health and more beautiful than ever! My health also improved soon.

Then began an era of trials and tribulations from everyone….starting from my parents, society, friends etc. But praise God we as a family now believe only and only in Jesus now. We never imagined in our wildest dreams that we as mere mortals can have fellowship, relationship with our Creator. And its so easy! We never imagined we would ever pray for others or tell others about Jesus. But the ways of Lord are beyond human understanding. And now we have a regular weekly fellowship at our home.

Moreover the promises found in Bible are not to be found anywhere. Nowhere in the Granth Sahib does any Guru promise Salvation or freedom from sins. In fact the Gurus have professed themselves to be sinners who need forgiveness for their sins. Now come to think of it, whom is the Guru seeking forgiveness from? And is it not mentioned by one of the Gurus in the Granth that whoever professes himself to be Guru will go to hell? Oh I pray that the veil be lifted from the eyes of people! Some Gurus in the Granth have even mentioned the name of "Isa" clearly. Need there be more proof that Jesus is the only way to salvation? And if all Gods are one, why could none of them (over the years) save me, my family or deliver us or promise us salvation? Why could not anyone else transform our lives and give us the peace which seemed to elude us all these years? Could any Guru/religion give us hope for an eternal life? No, definitely not! Because they are not living Gods. In fact they were not Gods at all! They were mystics who came to earth, did good things, and left the world.

But only Jesus came back to life after he died on the cross, having defeated Satan in his own battleground. And now He is alive and He listens and cares – come to think of it, only a living person can give you something, is it not? And Jesus lives – will live forever! The Bible clearly mentions that no one can come to the Father except through Jesus. Sometimes I wonder that my Sikh brothers only need a small missing link – Jesus because nothing can compete with the true devotion a Sikh has towards his guru. Oh my brothers, that true Guru is Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!

Only Jesus has proclaimed : "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live."

Of course, in the initial years, we did not really realize that the Lord has chosen us or that what did it mean to be delivered. It was only later we realized that what happened that morning in 1998 was just the beginning of a new phase, a new era – in our lives.

The phase in which we would discover the true meaning of relationship with God who God really is peace of mind – His peace the joy of praying for others that God does care and listens to us that God is no longer an unknown force, we knew who our prayers were being directed to that all Gods are not one! that there is no name above the name of Jesus that Salvation belongeth only to Jesus that God loves us…unconditionally!

Since 1998 it has been a slow but steady growth, and by His grace our whole family believes in Jesus now. The journey was full of trials and tribulations because Satan would never like someone to be saved but then if your heart is pure and you are true, God would never leave you, nor forsake you. Yes, it may have been hard for me to resist temptations/drop certain old habits (not acceptable to Jesus) but nevertheless I am so glad that the Holy Spirit has helped us in our efforts because without His grace nothing is possible.

We no longer care what others think of us, and some months ago we started a small fellowship at our home and of course the Lord performed several miracles. My mother is so full of Spirit now a days. The Holy Spirit keeps on revealing many things to her and she is so anointed and full of His grace. Personally my life has been transformed completely since last year. Every time I think of His unconditional love for us, my eyes get moist. Oh how much I love you Jesus, I wish I could tear my heart and show all! We may fail Him at times, but He has never failed us.

And we thank the Lord for having sent his true disciples across our way time and again, to strengthen our faith and encourage us to step out boldly in the faith.

There is so much to be done, so many people living in darkness….but we can do nothing of our own accord, we need the Holy Spirit to dwell in us 24/7. There is so much hunger in us, so much passion to spread the Gospel and tell people that Jesus is the only way to salvation.

We need all the prayers we can get, so I would request you all to please pray for our guidance, that we are able to fulfill His calling in our lives and stand witnesses to His glorious kingdom. Please pray that we remain forever humble in His presence.

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Through the Valley of Death & other Books

As many of you know that in the year 2005, our dad was very sick even unto death. God miraculously healed him. We have compiled it in a book form. I sure believe that it will inspire you and encourage you greatly.

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Both books compares the Bible and the Quran and read eye opening facts about Jesus, God of the Bible, Allah and Islamic faith. I am sure that you want to read this.

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